To celebrate our work in Venice through music


  1. Radio - install shoutcast server
  2. Performance/Lecture - Tides of Venice (with guests?)
  3. Postmortem - some sonic installations in Venice
  4. Fabs - cards, scarves, etc. with gradient designs
  5. Exhibit - all of above + art + interactive music/video


  • June: prototypes/designs for all Ideas
  • July: testing of ideas in Venice + fundraising
  • August: prepare for lecture/performance
  • September: Marty gives lecture/performance at WPI
  • November: finalize plans for Venice performance


When possible, try to get these ongoing, for ever and in real time.

  • Historic datasets (old data - not real time) see repository
  • Tourists - arrival data
  • Births and Deaths off web
  • Climate data + tides
  • Everyblock data
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